"I was introduced to P-Eliminator in 1997. My entire time as principal I used this product because it works effectively at eliminating urine odors from our restrooms"

      -- Jack Meeds, Principal, Timber Trace Elementary

"P-Eliminator has been a lifesaver to my custodian because it is the original bacterial enzyme that eats any bodily secretions from objects as tough as grout and cement, to as soft as mattresses and pillows. Gone are the days of walking down the halls and knowing where the bathrooms were located with your nose before you could find them with your eyes."

     -- Michael Proctor, Principal, Loxatchee Elementary in West Palm Beach FL

"People have a misconception that the phrase "kid-safe" equates to ta weak product. The truth is that P-Eliminator is child friendly while simultaneously being extremely tough on urine enzymes as it eats the pee for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as hungry and consistent as the precious children it protects."

     -- Ann Maloley, Principal, Lawton Childs' Elementary